In Appreciation Of PME/PEV At Year 36

As our gala fundraiser approaches, I’m reflecting on years past and what the chorus has meant to us and to our friends, new and old.

There are the peak experiences, of course, of communicating the music well enough to feel an electric, almost mystical connection with the audience: an inseparable triumvirate of singers, audience and music.

There are the moments in rehearsal when slogging through a tough section, finally nailing it and feeling everything lock into place, realizing Lynne’s vision for the piece.

There is the excitement of premiering a piece – but in a sense every performance is a premiere, never to be heard again – and often learning to love a piece that didn’t grab us in the beginning.

And there are the times with the audience afterwards when we get to share our experiences and hear what was most special to them.

After the December concert we received several appreciations from audience and chorus members, which we have just posted. What has Pacific Mozart Ensemble/Pacific Edge Voices meant to you? Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings by clicking this link and entering them in the Leave a Reply section at the bottom.

I hope to see many of you at the fundraiser. I’ve reserved my table, have you?

— Dale Engle (Bass)

Teresa Tauchi