Sing With Us!

You like to sing Bach and Handel and live for a big group melisma. But you also love to soak in the lush harmonic pool that is Lauridsen or Whitacre. Oh, but minor seconds are fun, too, like Gene Puerling arrangements or some classic Manhattan Transfer. But really, at the end of the day, what you are belting in your car is Beyoncé and Billy Joel. For you, music is music is music is music — especially when done well with a great community of singers.

If musical variety is your jam, then we may be your next musical home. PEV is open to auditioning all voice parts, with a special appeal for tenors and basses. We feature soloists for both classical and contemporary a cappella from within the group so both choral and solo voices are welcome!

Special invitation for arrangers! Every spring we feature in-house arrangements at our popular Jazz & Pop show. Workshop your creations with us and bring them to stage!



Auditions consist of singing two prepared pieces of your choice, and vocaleses to hear your range. Please print our audition form and fill it out prior to your scheduled audition. We don’t require formal musical training, but we do seek experienced singers and strong sight-readers. If you have a resume outlining your music experience, please bring it as well.

To set up an audition, please call our Administrator at (510) 848-8022, or send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!



Each season has a varied repertoire that includes classical pieces from all eras, African-American spirituals and — in our annual A Cappella Jazz & Pop concert — every conceivable genre… ‘hardly strictly’ jazz & pop!



PEV rehearses Monday nights in Berkeley near the North Berkeley BART station, and our season generally runs from early September through mid-June.