A Music Director’s Stream Of Consciousness

For our Spring 2018 concert set, here are some more thoughts on how I put the set together:

  • I was thinking of the German “chorallied” tradition, especially the songs that have Spring and garden and nature references.

  • That led me to the Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel. I was already programming the Michael Roberts pieces which have direct seasonal messages.

  • And the Roberts pieces made me think of Felix Mendelssohn.

  • The Pärt and the Barber both have Nature connections, with the Pärt being particularly related to Easter/Passover.

  • The Composer Call gave me 3 pieces, one, the Tran, fairly substantial.

  • The Spanish/Brazilian language of two of those pieces let me program the Cuban piece for women, Sin Palabras.

  • And having a women’s piece let me add the Kodaly piece for men, which was suggested by a member.

  • The Durufle and the Pärt provided liturgical anchor pieces for the program.

Lynne Morrow, Music Director

Teresa Tauchi