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Brubeck and American Poets

In September 2012, Dorian/Sono Luminus released its second recording of the Pacific Mozart Ensemble performing Dave Brubeck’s compositions, Brubeck and American Poets.

Dave Brubeck, revered as a jazz pianist, was a composer of a rich stream of choral music. The music is varied, with many of the songs evoking the feeling of specific places and emotions. The music can be enjoyed by all; some of it is complex, some youthful and easily accessible. A perusal of Brubeck’s choral catalog shows that most of his lyricists are beloved American poets, including Langston Hughes and Wendell Berry. Here is the full playlist on YouTube.

My Girls, Animal Collective

Pacific Edge Voices has a rich history of arrangers recruited from within the ranks of the ensemble, particularly in the Jazz & Pop genres. One of our star arrangers was Eric Freeman. This is his arrangement of My Girls by the rock group Animal Collective.


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