Vision / Mission / Values

Our Vision

We believe in the power of live choral music to inspire hope, joy, healing, and transformation within our members and every audience. The members of Pacific Edge Voices aspire to serve as musical ambassadors to expand appreciation of choral music and the arts and to engage singers and listeners of all ages and backgrounds through the connective power of live performance.

Our Mission

We strive for artistic innovation and excellence in our programming, performances, and singer development. We share our gift of live music and connection through concerts and performances, singalongs, educational workshops, and events. We seek to maintain a lasting contribution to our culture and community through strategic and sustainable organizational structures and funding, as well as DIY passion and resourcefulness.

Our Core Artistic Values

In celebration of diverse musical traditions and our communities, we perform traditional and contemporary pieces from around the world, and of musical genres ranging from classical to jazz to spirituals and beyond. In our commitment to present fresh, adventurous, vibrant performances, we pursue innovative collaborations, showcase contemporary compositions and experimental works, and bring relevant and timely messages from our human experience to the stage.


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